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Dizzy Dive Balls

Dizzy Dive Balls

With summer just only several months away, many kids may already be thinking about heading to the pool for some swimming fun with friends and family. Splashing around in the pool always seems like a good idea for many kids during the hot summer months. Playing games in the pool is also just as essential. To have a fun new game to play, kids can try bringing along the Dizzy Dive Balls on their next planned swimming pool excursion.

The Dizzy Dive Balls are fun balls to play while at the pool. This pair of swimming pool balls are designed for diving. Kids toss them into the pool just like ordinary balls and they sink down like rocks. Kids can dive down into the pool and try to grab into them. The balls come with sturdy frames that make the balls easy to throw and catch. It is made of soft rubber with a hollow body and large holes to make them easy to grab.

The Dizzy Dive Balls can help develop gross motor skills in kids as well as encourage outdoor exercise and coordination. It is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. The Dizzy Dive Balls are available at Fat Brain Toys for $10 a pair.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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