Edu-Toys Periscope

Edu-Toys Periscope »

Some kids can feel the effects of being small. They cannot view through their other taller friends. Walls and fences can block their

Zorbz Self-Sealing Water Balloons

Zorbz Self-Sealing Water Balloons »

Kids playing with water balloons know that timing and fast reflexes are always essential. Once the reserves are used up, replenishment may be

Perplexus Warp 3D Puzzle

Perplexus Warp 3D Puzzle »

Puzzle toys are usually more fascinating for kids who love mental challenges. Just like some kids love physical challenges, there are kids who

KOOBA Board Game

KOOBA Board Game »

Kids can have fun playing with board games, especially if they require some physical skill to play. Not many game boards can boast

QWIXX Dice Game

QWIXX Dice Game »

Board games help provide the means for a family to have fun together while at home. Games that offer challenges that appeal to

The Solar Balloon

The Solar Balloon »

Sometimes, it is the simplest of toys that can capture a kid’s attention. Some toys need not always be of a complex design