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AirTime Hand-Controlled Flying Drone

AirTime Hand-Controlled Flying Drone »

There are now many types of flying drones available in the market. But most of them are designed to capture still images or

The Owleez Flying Owl »

Technology has really changed the way kids now look at toys. More of today’s toys are now build in order to help kids

Fisher Price Smooth Moves Sloth

Fisher Price Smooth Moves Sloth »

Many of the toys that kids now have are becoming more interactive. It can have a beneficial effect on kids as they learn

Timio Tech Toy

Timio Tech Toy »

Gadgets like tablets and smartphones have become the preferred toy for many kids of today. The more kids use it, the more they

Pai Technology Botzees Construction Set

Pai Technology Botzees Construction Set »

Kids today can benefit from modern technology with the toys that are now available today. They now have a wide range of choices

Blume Doll

Blume Doll »

Kids can be quite picky when it comes to toys. When it comes to choosing what to have nowadays, kids watch out for